Cockfighting in Mancora

After Ecuador I returned to Peru and with a great appetite for waves and relatively warm weather I decided to stay in the North region called Piura.  One of the best and most consistent areas for surf in Peru are called Lobitos, which is within 2 hours of the town on the Gringotrail called Mancora. During the 6 weeks I stayed in Lobitos I would normally go to Mancora to blow some steam as this place is notorious for its party. I won´t talk anymore about party, but during one of my visits to Mancora I attended a cockfighting event, which was very interesting in many ways.

Without knowing it for sure, it seems like cockfighting is a big deal for a minority of the Peruvian people. I was very surprised to find out they had a dedicated coliseum built for these fights. Furthermore people would wear shirts and jackets showing which cockfighting society they were part of and have specially made cases for carrying the roosters. The lead up to the actually fighting commencing was long and was passed with the owners of the cocks stroking and measuring up their cocks against their opponents ( i think), so people could make a judgement of the favorite beforehand for placing bets.

Most of the cocks would have shaved legs and backs, with feathers on their wings and before fighting they would have toothpicks taped to their legs making them more lethal. Most fights would last around 5 minutes with the roosters loosing from the injuries their opponents would inflict on them and exhaustion. Some would die in the ring, while others would leave the ring alive but unable to move from their injuries or exhaustion.


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