Ecuador, Montañita (Sin City)

It has been a while since I took the time to write about my experiences here in South America – I have been surfing a lot, had a little bit of party and been a bit lazy at the same time. It is now 6 weeks ago since I left Ecuador for returning to Peru, and below is a bit about what I experienced during the 1,5 months Ecuador:

Ecuador took me by surprise! I went there with few expectations and the purpose of meeting up with my friend Mads, who was excaping daily life in Denmark for some weeks In South America.

We met up in this little beach town I had heard off from others travellers called Montañita. I expected to stay for a week or two and then go back to Peru – but Ecuador sucked me in and I wanted to see more.

Before arriving I didn´t know much about Ecuador besides the famous Galapagos islands. After more than a month in Lima I was in a bit of a slump and I was ready to get out of city and see something else. After spending easter in the small fishing port port of Pacosmayo, Peru which is most known for its waves and giant cement factory, I took the night bus to Guayaquil, Ecuador from Chiclayo. From there, I went straight to Montanita and rocking up I immediately realised I had arrived in Sin City with lightly clad girls everywhere, bars on every corner and loud music being played constantly.

Soon after arriving I found Mads on the beach, checked into a hostel a we had a few beers and fish tacos the first night.
It soon became obvious that something out of the ordinary was about to go down in Montanita as the premier surfbreak the Point was overcrowded with old surfers who could rip the waves and the whole town was preparing itself for what turned out to be the ISA World Masters Surfing Championship for surfers over 35 years. That meant the best surfers over 35 years from all over the world were in the water preparing for the competition making it difficult getting the good waves breaking on the point.

Anyways it was exciting to see these old guys rip and it made for good inspiration. Denmark didn’t have a team in the competition even though Denmark recently joined the ISA organisation. It was quite a coincidence that Mads and I were in Ecuador at the same time of the competion, and we immediately thought it would be fun to enter as a team representing Denmark and competing against great surf nations such as Australia, Hawaii, USA and many more. All that was necessary in order to compete was for us to be above 35 years old and pay the entry fee and we would be set. Mads being 37 was above the minimum required age, but the organisers would not let me with my 28 years slip get in under the radar and join him. In the end, Mads decided not to partake as he would be a one man team and it would require him to change his flight ticket if he was to make it further than his first round in the competition. In addition the funniest part of it all would have been the fact that the biggest amateurs Mads and I would be competing together as a team for Denmark against great surfing nations represented by old world class professional surfers.

After a week Mads went back to Lima, Peru where he had initially come from when arriving in South America. I decided to stay another week in Sin City and take a week of spanish lessons at Montañita Spanish School which is popular with travellers and kind of cheap. A week of group lessons with 4 hours a day would be 150 dollars. I had already done some lessons back home in Denmark before I left, but back then I was very busy and didn’t have enough time to dedicate myself – and therefore my spanish was very basic. The week of lessons helped a lot even though I got sucked into the party on the last two school nights, which hampered my performance a bit :-)

The two nights of partying was the beginning of a 7 days straight fiesta rampage which after the first night was joined by my Australian friend Jimmy who I had met while staying in Lima. After a week in Montañita I got tired of the hostel I was staying in as It wasn’t very social. I moved to another hostel called Paradise South, which I now dare to claim is probably the best place to stay in Montañita. It had a great atmosphere which was caused by a cool garden and lounge area where everybody would meet up to chat, play pool or warm up before hitting the party. A great collection of people were staying there at the time, and it was all about good vibes and having fun. In addition the hostel was almost on the beach, so it wouldn’t take much effort to make from the bed to water the day after.

When everything was said and done it was a lot of fun, but as it is with party at some point you have to say stop and get out and away from the temptations, which was what I did after 7 nights.

From there I went to Ayampe a beautiful and quiet beach town 40 minutes north of Montañita which I had discovered along with Mads. From there I went up the coast until I met up with Jimmy and more friends in a similar quiet beah town called Canoa – and back for one more round of Montañita before I went to the beautiful, but a little bit cold, mountains of Ecuador.


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