From Grenada to Trinidad as cargo

The cheapest way to go from Grenada to Trinidad and Tobago is by going on one of the small cargo boats. It was quite an experience. I checked in the afternoon and after waiting for some hours for the cargo to be loaded on board we sailed off from the dock in St. George with the hull full of cargo and 24 people some being crew some being passengers, and me not really knowing who was what and where to be on the boat. Darkness had come and in short time we left the lee of the island. The sea grew stronger and it was necessary to get inside if not to get wet or maybe fall overboard (no one would know). The boat was old, dirty and rusty and there wasn’t really room for that many people so the whole floor was covered by sleeping people. My night was spend sleeping on a chair and sitting on the floor shifting places with another guy. The sleep through the night was scented by diesel fumes coming from the engine room filling the main cabin with heavy nauseating air. The banging of broken cupboard doors and the creaking of the hull would ensure that no¬†continuous sleep would be had this night though this made it possible to keep an eye on the captain who stood firmly by the helm in the front cabin. Seasickness would arise from the combination of everything, but a breath of fresh air from the outside deck would quickly cure it – though you wouldn’t want to stay outside for too long as the deck was slippery and the railing low and nobody would know if you would fall overboard. Sunrise came with the sight of Trinidad and calmer seas and after 12 hours of sailing we had arrived.

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  • Mr. Rosing

    jan 25th, 2013

    Var i virkelig 24 om bord på den lille skonnert?

  • Jill & John Allen

    jan 27th, 2013

    Daniel you are really seeing the world such wonders I dont think you will settle after all this. Keep safe and keep writing. xxxxx

  • jeps, og der var masser af plads hvis man ikke havde noget imod at ligge i en lille oliepoel eller lignende…

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