Organic cocoa farm/hostel

After leaving the boat I went to a organic cocoa farm called Crayfish Bay Organic Estate out in the country of Grenada. The first two days I could stay for free at the cocoa farm where after I would have to pay a contribution each day. The cocoa farm is owned by a English guy named Kim who has been operating different things in the east Caribbean for many years. He’s a cool guy with a great personality and helpful in many ways. Every morning Kim would wake me up for good breakfast with cocoa tea and every night all staying at the farm would eat together.

I’ve always loved chocolate so going to a cocoa farm was very interesting seeing how the beans are processed before the are sent onwards to become chocolate or some other kakao product. The cocoa beans from Grenada are of very high quality and after having tasted chocolate made from these beans it will be hard to be satisfied again.

While I stayed at the farm, I helped with harvesting the beans which are inside a pod that grows on the cocoa tree. I saw how the beans were fermented, where after they are put out to dry in the sun in drying drawers where after the beans are ready for being sent on for further processing. I ate many raw dried cocoa beans getting almost addicted to but its not a problem as it is pure organic and no sugar…

Heading to stay at  the farm seemed to be a retreat but it soon turned out to be a reality check and a good introduction to the real Grenada.

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