Cruising to Kap Verde

I was excited to leave from Gran Canaria on Jehol and we left from Puerto De Mogan in the afternoon on the 19th of November.

We left as a crew of 4 with the Captain Philippe, his son Rumbaud, the captains friend and sailor Philippe and me the complete rookie of the bunch.

The trip started good with moderate wind in the sails and good speed. I was determined not to become sea sick and I succeded almost only feeling and bit funny in my tummy at night time when the darkness arrived.

The trip offered up differing ranging wind conditions from almost nothing (making it necessary to motor for a whole day) to 25-30 knots with 2-3 meter waves.

Besides that on offer most days were beautiful sunsets and sunrises, suicidal flying fish leaping from the water to land onboard and suffocate, cruising dolphins following the boat jumping out of the water,  breaching whales and interesting cousine (especially the last days) :-)

After 5 days of crusing we arrived to the Capo Verde Island of Sal where we anchored up and explored the little local town of Palmera and i had survived with approval for my efforts.

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