Finding boats in Lanzarote

Hello Everybody

Finally I have time to update my page again so you can see what has been happening.

I have been busy finding a boat to take me on, and it took quite some work by going to marinas, talking to people and putting up flyers.

After two weeks of trying on Gran Canaria and competing with 30-50 other young hopefull “want to be” sailors, I decided to try my luck in Lanzarote.

Via I found a  very nice girl from Finland living in Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote  working as a guide for Apollo who would like to host me. Heli is her name and after securing her couch to surf on I booked a ferry ticket with Fred.Olsen from Las Palmas, checked out of my hostel and went early Saturday morning.

The trip turned out to be a bit of a mission as I had to connect across Fuerte Ventura by taking a bus the whole distance of 120 km from the south end to the north – Anyways I made it.

Heli welcomed me by cooking dinner and serving a beer which was just what I needed. The days after arrival I started my search for a boat needing crew immediately and I went to the two largest marinas in Lanzarato called Puerto Calero and Puerto Rubicon. I talked to the local sailing schools about doing a sailing course (unfortunately they were fully booked) and i spoke with a lot of sailors – some possible needing crew – and posting my flyer on all the notice boards i could find.

After 3 days of looking I decided to take a break. I rented a car so Heli, who had the day off, and I could go surfing in a little town called Farmara which has several breaks nearby. Heli had never tried to surf so she rented a board and I gave he some instructions on what to do – We had fun and Heli got to feel surfing isn’t as easy as she expected it to be :-)

The day after Heli had to work again, and I went looking for boats and had another good surf session in Farmara. Later in the evening I got phoned up by a captain called Philippe from Belgium who had seen my flyer in Puerto Rubicon. He needed a crewmember from Gran Canaria and was interested in taken me on. We agreed to meet up immediately so I went to the marina where we had a talk and I saw the boat – a almost new 52 foot  Catamaran called Jehol – a very nice boat indeed. They would sail fro Gran Canaria to Kap Verde and from there on across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. In my mind i sounded perfect and at the end of the talk I declared I was ready to go if they could use my help and Philippe responded he would take one day to think about it.

The next morning he phoned me up and told me I was welcome on board the whole way across the atlantic – on one condition that the first leg of 4-5 days to Kap Verde would go well – I was sure it would so with regards to finding a boat the MISSION was completed, sweet!




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