In Gran Canaria looking for Captains with sailing boats

For now I´ve been spending more than a week in Gran Canaria after arriving here from Barcelona- I´ve been looking for a Captain with a sailing boat who will take me on as crew across the atlantic – the destination on the other side is less important, but maybe an island in the Caribbean or South America. Wherever the boat and wind will take me.

The search has been on and off with some surf and epic hiking in between.

During November and December many sail boats cross the atlantic ocean going to the Caribbean or South America maybe participating in the ARC ( or just cruising along on their own. Many boats departure from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria and I´ve met many people looking for a boat to crew.  Sometimes it even seems like there is a whole community consisting of the people looking for boats and I can´t stop thinking about how this hunt for a boat and a crew position could be made up to be a really bad reality program. No such tv-program exists yet luckily and the atmosphere is really relaxed and most of the time very friendly. Some sailors and captains are friendly and talkative when you chat with them, others are sadly fed up and annoyed from being asked several times a day if they need crew. In the end, all of us looking for a boat and crew to join are all in the same “boat” and coincidence with a little luck will determine the outcome and future.

I´ve been around to the ports of Gran Canaria, with little luck so far,  but its been a good experience to talk to people around the marinas, feel the atmosphere and see the opportunities of having and travelling by boat. I´m hooked on getting a boat of my own and mastering the art of wind powered sailing.

I have a contact in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria who is helping me and I´m thinking about going to Lanzarote to find other ports and better surf.

Until then I´m enjoying myself surfing, relaxing, hiking and meeting nice people and making new friends at the nicely decorated Big Fish ( hostel I am staying at.

Gran Canaria has much to offer with squats, hippie villages, secluded beaches, the urban feel of Las Palmas and last but not least all the tourists….




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