Getting robbed in Calama Chile

Well, its almost 4 weeks ago now since I one early morning got robbed in the Calama bus station In the north  of Chile. After 14 months of travelling I finally lost my passport, and to be honest I was just waiting for it to happen, as things until now had been going too good to be true.

It all happened on my way to the tourist trap of San Pedro de Atacama, where I was going from Iquique on the coast. After an overnight bus to Calama, I had to wait in the bus station for an hour until my next bus would depart for San Pedro. Before I left Iquique I had been warned about people getting robbed in this bus station, so I was alert on arrival. Around 6 in the morning we arrived in the bus station of Calama. I got of the bus and chose a place to sit and wait where there wasn’t any people.  Though shortly after sitting down an innocent looking woman was approaching the bench I was sitting on. I moved over to let her sit down, but before even sitting down she pulled something out of her pocket which was a handful of coins which she dropped on the ground as if it was an accident. Suspecting nothing and good natured as I am I started helping her pick up her coins, but before it was even possible for me to return them to her, she started walking off, which was weird I thought. Though I didn’t really get the chance to reflect more about it as suddenly a man appeared out of nowhere and started to throw up more less right next to me. For a second I forgot everything about the woman, and was thinking why this guy wasn’t throwing up in the bathroom if he was feeling sick. He soon stopped and walked off, and I was left thinking how weird those two situations had just been, a second after I discovered they had swapped my small backpack for another quite similar one, which though was empty. I tried to take up pursuit, but being held back by my backpack and two surfboards they already had to big of an lead and disappeared not to be seen. All that was left to do, was to go directly to the police to report the incident which I did before cathing my next bus to San Pedro. Oh well, shit happens.

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