Wrestling with Cholitas in La Paz

Cholitas is what the mountain indians dressed in traditional clothes are called  in Bolivia. Every sunday in La Paz they put on a wrestling show for locals and tourists alike to watch. Sometimes the cholita wrestles a guy and at other times its to cholitas fighting it out. I went to watch this quite bizarre event, and as I was sitting in the audience before the fights commenced, I was asked by the organizers if I wanted to participate in one of the fights in the ring. I answered yes without hestitating and soon I was backstage practice a routine along with a Cholita whom I was to help and the guy whose ass we were to kick. After getting the routine down, I went back to the audience and waited with anticipation on the fight in which I was to participate. At some point during the fight the Cholita would come get me from the Audience, and the action would be on. The video below shows how it all went down!



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