Doing Lines in Nazca

On my way to the city of Arequipa in Peru, I stopped in the town of Nazca, which is famous for it geoglyphs called the Nazca Lines on the plains outside of the town. The geoglyphs consists of massive depictions of many different animals aswell as geometric shapes and straigt lines running through the plain. The lines are shallow designs made in the ground by removing the reddish pebbles and uncovering the whitish/grayish ground beneath. They were created by the Nazca Culture way back in 400-650 AD.

The lines are partly visible from the surrounding foothils and a watch tower in the middle of the plain, but the best way to see the figures are by taking a airplane and do a fly-over. I did a 30 minute fly-over from the local airport for 90 dollars, where serveral companies offers this service and it is quite a business. Eventually, the flight turned out to be cool and the lines were to some extent impressive. Though, at the same time I was a bit disappointed, as I, in my naivety, had expected the plain to be like a giant blackboard making the lines and figures would stand out sharp and clear, which they didn’t due to giant rain tracks cutting through th plain, disturbing the representation.

Beneath is a picture of the depiction of a Whale. Originally I had many more pictures, but I was unlucky to have my memory cards stolen, and therefore lost most of them – though the picture beneath illustrates the experience.

The Whale












More about th Nazca Lines can be found here:

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