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Friendly guesthouse

If you don´t want to rough it, staying at a guesthouse is the cheapest accommodation in Tobago. Two Seasons guesthouse is in Pleasant Prospect is the the way to go.

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Tobago surf in general

After the big day, many good days of surfing followed with more manageable waves and less extreme condition.  

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Big day of surf in Tobago

Less than a week after arrival in Tobago the little island got blasted by a big swell bringing huge waves to its shores. In this bay 5 local fishing boats got smashed on the rocks by the waves, 1 yacht got loose and was smashed on the rocks and gone the next day. More boats […]

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Tobago moments

I went to Tobago due to a tip I got in Barbados about a surfable wave so good it would be worth going. I was supposed to stay there 2,5 weeks, but I got stuck ending up staying there for more than 6 weeks. During that time i got some great waves, drank lots of […]

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