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From Grenada to Trinidad as cargo

The cheapest way to go from Grenada to Trinidad and Tobago is by going on one of the small cargo boats. It was quite an experience. I checked in the afternoon and after waiting for some hours for the cargo to be loaded on board we sailed off from the dock in St. George with […]

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Grenada Images

Grenada was good to me, and even though I wasn’t supposed to go there I’m happy I did. People were friendly and welcoming though many were poor as could be seen, felt and heard often. My only complaint was the sand flies which hardly could be seen, not heard but definitely felt bad. Kudos goes […]

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New years eve Grenada Style

New years eve was spent with the guys from the organic farm. We started early in the day bar hopping between rum shops, playing pool and socialising with the local people, dancing, jamming and just enjoying the last day of the year. At one bar we met the guy below , we gave him a […]

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Making rum

In all the islands I’ve been to the making of rum or equivalent has been present due to the existence of sugar cane. In Grenada it was no different and one day I went to the Rivers Rum factory where they have been producing rum for hundreds of years. Still they are using a old […]

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Snakeskin bacon

5 days of baking on the road makes snakeskin bacon.

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Hiking to the top of Grenada

One day two local boys took me hiking to the highest point of Grenada. This was a real hike through thick bush, muddy trails and with land slides taking out the path so we would have to make a new one. All in all a good day.

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Organic cocoa farm/hostel

After leaving the boat I went to a organic cocoa farm called Crayfish Bay Organic Estate out in the country of Grenada. The first two days I could stay for free at the cocoa farm where after I would have to pay a contribution each day. The cocoa farm is owned by a English guy […]

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Farewell Jehol

After more than 6 interesting weeks on Jehol it was time to disembark as Philippe and the boat was heading north and I was heading south. After some immigration problems which required me to buy a plane ticket, I was allowed into the island of Grenada where I would figure out how to get Tobago. […]

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