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Doing Lines in Nazca

On my way to the city of Arequipa in Peru, I stopped in the town of Nazca, which is famous for it geoglyphs called the Nazca Lines on the plains outside of the town. The geoglyphs consists of massive depictions of many different animals aswell as geometric shapes and straigt lines running through the plain. […]

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Mountaineering Nevado Pisco ( – Sweet!)

  A famous Peruvian drink is called Pisco Sour. A mountain peak in the Peruvian Andes in the Cordillera Blanca range  is named Pisco. Ascending Nevado Pisco gives you Pisco Sweet! Getting into it Before the end of july I had never mountaineered in my life, coming from a flat country where the highest point […]

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Wrestling with Cholitas in La Paz

Cholitas is what the mountain indians dressed in traditional clothes are called  in Bolivia. Every sunday in La Paz they put on a wrestling show for locals and tourists alike to watch. Sometimes the cholita wrestles a guy and at other times its to cholitas fighting it out. I went to watch this quite bizarre […]

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Santa Cruz trek – Aka. The donkey poo trails

After some more weeks of surf in Pacasmayo and a couple of days again in Huanchaco to catch up with a friend, I decided to head of to Huaraz to get a taste of the Peruvian Andes. Huaraz is famous for being situated close to the Cordillera Blanca, which is probably the best part of […]

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Life in an Incan teleportal

I went into a incan teleportal and it was caught on camera… Don’t know where I went, maybe I am still there? At one point it broke (it is over 500 years old) and I got stuck:

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Chicama – mas largas olas del mundo, more or less

Chicama is a world famous lefthand point break within the surfing world. Most goofy footers (surfers who face the wave frontside when going left) have wet dreams about this place and the possibility of getting a legburning 2 km wave reeling down the point. Chicama is quite consisted if all you want is a wave, […]

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Back to civilisation in Huanchaco

So I went to Huanchaco after 6 weeks Lobitos. I had heard different things about this place, one being about waves, another about cheap and good spanish lessons and a third about interesting ruins left over from pre-colombian cultures settled in the area. Furthermore the bigger city of Trujillo would be nearby so a bit […]

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Lobitos and Talara – surf eat sleep

After spending almost 1,5 months in Ecuador it was time get some more watertime and waves again. The decision was to head to Lobitos which by rumour is the area in Peru with the best and most consistent waves. The plan was to stay for 3 weeks and maybe longer if it would still be […]

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Cockfighting in Mancora

After Ecuador I returned to Peru and with a great appetite for waves and relatively warm weather I decided to stay in the North region called Piura.  One of the best and most consistent areas for surf in Peru are called Lobitos, which is within 2 hours of the town on the Gringotrail called Mancora. […]

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Quilotoa loop – hiking, horseriding and more

The Quilotoa loop is a popular hiking route in the Ecuatorian Andes mountains south of Quito. The hiking starts out in the sleepy little village of Quilotoa which is located in 3800 meters altitude and mostly known for its beautiful laguna, which is a lake created in a crater of an old volcano. The total […]

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