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Culinaries afloat

Snapshots of Culinary creations onboard while crossing:  

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Jehol Transat 2012 – 12 days, 15 kg of potato, rice and pasta, 3 pairs of underwear, 1 shower and 2000 miles

On the 8th of december at noon we set sail from Sao Vicente, Capo Verde and left with 15 knot winds pushing us in our direction towards Barbados across the Atlantic. Our crew consisting of Skipper Phillippe Nagelmaker, his brother-in-law Emmanuel, Russian Pirate Mihail Sherman and me the Danish Viking, had used the previous days […]

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Santo Antau pt. II

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Next leg of sailing coming up!

Alrigth Ladies and gentlemen tomorrow the 8th of december we leave the marina of Mindelo and set sail for Barbados in the Caribbien. Wish us fair winds and good luck. View Larger Map

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Trekking on Santo Antau

  One hour with ferry across the water from the dry Sao Vicente lies the quite different island of Santo Antäo. The best way to experience the island is by trekking and with my captain and two of his mates from home I went on a two day trip which covered hiking down from near […]

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A little bit of surf is up in CV

From the top of Mont Verde I noticed what looked like possible surf breaks and the next day we checked it out. We took the bus to the little town of  Salamansa and found a small point break  at the end of the beach. It was breaking over a shallow coral reef and lava rocks […]

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Walking Mont Verde

Mont Verde is the highest point of Sao Vicente reaching above 700 meters and we did the walk to the top on the cobble stone roads.

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First impressions of Mindelo – Island of Sao Vicente

After sailing through the night from the Capo Verde Island of Sal we arrived around midday at Sao Vicente where we went into the marina of the Mindelo. This place was a bit more alive and civilised than Palmera in Sal, and the locals were definetely used to travellers and tourists arriving with money as […]

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Capo Verde says: Hola

First stop in Capo Verde was the little town of Palmera on the Island of Sal. The first impressions were surprising and very different from what was expected. I caugth the few glimpses below, before w raised the anchor and sailed of towards the Island of Sao Vicente and the city of Mindelo.  

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Redbeard Dannyboy and the Catamaran Jehol

Raaarrr Raaaarrrr Girls and Boys here’s a little video of my boat:

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