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Cruising to Kap Verde

I was excited to leave from Gran Canaria on Jehol and we left from Puerto De Mogan in the afternoon on the 19th of November. We left as a crew of 4 with the Captain Philippe, his son Rumbaud, the captains friend and sailor Philippe and me the complete rookie of the bunch. The trip […]

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The Catamaran Jehol

The Catamaran Jehol is owned by the belgian captain Philippe who is out cruising around the world for 3 years with the first long haul being crossing the Altantic to the Caribbean. The catamaran is 52.8 foot long  and 8 meters wide and weighs 8 ton. Its built for speed and functionality and it easily […]

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Finding boats in Lanzarote

Hello Everybody Finally I have time to update my page again so you can see what has been happening. I have been busy finding a boat to take me on, and it took quite some work by going to marinas, talking to people and putting up flyers. After two weeks of trying on Gran Canaria […]

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Gran Canaria is more than northern european tourists and…..

With a crew (David and Katrin) from my hostel and a girl, Capers, which I met on the Las Palmas marina the day before, we all went on a small road trip and hiking trip to the rock formation Rogue Nueblo and a secluded beach called Playa Guigui where we stayed for the night under […]

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In Gran Canaria looking for Captains with sailing boats

For now I´ve been spending more than a week in Gran Canaria after arriving here from Barcelona- I´ve been looking for a Captain with a sailing boat who will take me on as crew across the atlantic – the destination on the other side is less important, but maybe an island in the Caribbean or […]

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Just pull in, So pitted….Like that – Kapaauwww

Found this picture sequence from France of a surfer pulling and getting a deep barrel before it closes out.       The description of getting So Pitted:

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