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Quilotoa loop – hiking, horseriding and more

The Quilotoa loop is a popular hiking route in the Ecuatorian Andes mountains south of Quito. The hiking starts out in the sleepy little village of Quilotoa which is located in 3800 meters altitude and mostly known for its beautiful laguna, which is a lake created in a crater of an old volcano. The total […]

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Baños – Adrenaline y diversion por favor

I won´t mention Montañita again, but after the repecharge, I decided to leave the coast and head for the mountains of Ecuador – which was Baños. Baños is a common stop on the backpacker Gringotrail and it is know for many for its beautiful setting, many adrenaline inducing activities, hot springs and waterfalls. I went […]

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Detox time – Ayampe and up the coast to Canoa

After 14 days in Montañita it was time to get out and away. While staying in Montañita I did some day trips to other small towns nearby. One of them is called Ayampe, and it is located 40 minutes north of Montañita by bus. A real rough diamond of a beach town located on the […]

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Ecuador, Montañita (Sin City)

It has been a while since I took the time to write about my experiences here in South America – I have been surfing a lot, had a little bit of party and been a bit lazy at the same time. It is now 6 weeks ago since I left Ecuador for returning to Peru, […]

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This was what went through my head when getting a decent wave at El Faro – Pacasmayo, Peru

A couple of weeks ago a big swell for the south-west pacific hit the whole american continent from south to north resulting in good waves all along the coast. For this swell I took some days of from surfing in Lobitos in the north of Peru, and went with the night bus for 8 hours […]

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We rode at dawn – 6 hours later my testicles were “sensitive”

I´m not a cowboy –  though after getting to the mountains I have been having a great urge to ride something – be it a llama, pig, donkey, cow or horse. To make it easy, my travelling companion and partner in crime  – Nathalie from USA/Austria – and I agreed to go horseriding in the […]

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Pumping Iron – Muscle Beach, Ecuador

This is how you pump the IRON.

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Olas de Ecuador

Small waves and warm water of Ecuador.  

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The world in black and white with grain


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Easter eggs in Pacasmayo

My good friend Alvaro suggested a trip up north from Lima to the little surf town of Pacasmayo and the sometimes endless Point break of El Faro. After a 12 hour bus ride from Lima we arrived Thursday morning. The ocean turned out to be almost flat, but we kept our spirits up with tabletennis […]

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